Spotlight On The Rookies

Did you catch any of the semifinals from this weekend?  These youngens are hungry!  I guess the two 17 y.o.’s decided to compete with the big dawgs… and boy am I glad they did.  Speaking of big dawgs, one of the coolest things to watch was something Tommy Marquez said, that those two being the youngest on the field, and with this degree of competition, they weren’t afraid of being the ones to set the pace.  And that they did!  The came out guns blazin and held it.  Mad respect.  Can’t wait to see them in Madison with the rest of the winners of each semifinals!

7th Of May Year 2021

Back Squats
4×6 @75%1RM

21 Ballslams
15 Toes To Bar
9 Bench Press @155/105

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