Stay Active

I hope everyone is recovering from Murph well.  Remember to stay hydrated.  The best thing for soreness is MOVING!  The body craves it.  It desires it and needs it.  Fun fact:  After just 8 hours of immobilization, the body already begins to cease protein synthesis.  That’s fast.  Also, it’s crazy to think from just about 20 years ago they use to cast most rehab surgeries like an ACL repair.  Now, they patients are up and walking that same day.  Movement is amazing and necessaries.  So, yes staying active and maintaining your levels of exercise and activity are important, helpful, and crucial to staying healthy, whole, well, strong, fit, and out of the nursing home!

2nd Of June Year 2021

EMOM 14 – Alternating
4 Back Squats @65%1RM
GOAT Training

3 Rounds Of:
10 Cal Bike
10 Clean and Jerks @95/65 or 135/95
1 Round Of:
30 Cal Bike
30 Power Cleans @185/125 or 205/155

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