Murph Was A Huge Success

A reminder that tomorrow we will have the DASO Sheriff’s Academy again, so 6am will be cancelled.

Thank you to all those that came in for Murph!  You guys crushed it.  It isn’t about what time you got, but how much effort you put in…. and you guys put it all out there!  It was amazing to see the gym packed and the energy high.  I am very proud of all of you.  Let’s see how those legs and arms feel tomorrow :/  but well worth it.  Wear that soreness with pride and like a badge of honor.  This workout was for Lt. Michael Murphy and all of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Here are fun pics I have from today.  That last one needs to be in on a black and white canvas!  Great job everyone!


1st Of June Year 2021

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