Happy Mother’s Day!

Probably shouldn’t have done that Brosesh workout right before getting my second vaccine dose lol….  It was a busy weekend, but my sister had one of her Clients (She’s a barber in San Antonio) gift her a ticket to come into town to surprise my Mom for Mother’s day.  Perfectly timed with my nieces Bday we celebrated by going for some indoor skydiving on Saturday.  If you haven’t gone I highly recommend!  It was a blast… literally they put you in a giant cylinder blowing air from these huge fans with so much force it’d blow you off the ground creating the feeling of freefalling off a plane.  Sunday Caitlin and I had to put on our big girl panties and celebrate Mother’s Day.  I have the best Mom in the world and love her to death.  Thank you for being our inspiration and showing us and always giving us true, honest, and heavenly love.  Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mother’s and motherly figures out there.  I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families and loved ones!


10th Of May Year 2021

Back Squats
2×8 @75%1RM
3×4 @80%1RM

4 Wallcrawls
300m Row
25 Wallballs
15 Toes To Bar

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