System Meltdown!

Today I had some major problems with our payment system.  I was on the phone with them as over 70 charges were being made.  Most of the gym was affected.  Some were charged today once, others were charged 3 times at random.  I issued all the refunds and I hope since they were done right away they will go thru quickly.  They didn’t know why it was happening, but as we were talking (for over 2 hours) they were getting more calls from other businesses with the same issue.   I will most likely be looking for another company to work with as a similar issue happened last month, but not nearly to this degree.  I will be keeping an eye on the system and from my bank.  Another bad thing is the transaction charges/fees will most likely stay per transactions (Don’t worry, that’s the stuff I pay from using a system as they charge a percentage per transaction made.  That doesn’t fall on you).  I’m sorry for the inconvenience to you guys,.  The refunds are out and should be resolved within the next few days as some banks differ in the time to process them.

7th Of May Year 2021

2-6 Reps Of: Your Choice of Barbell Movement
30 Sec Of: GOAT Movement

Event 5 of the Masters Online Qualifiers.  Let’s hit this one hard and join Jerod and Melanie on this one!
Overhead Squats @165/115
Burpee Box Jump Overs @30″
Time Cap: 10 Minutes

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