Squat Nation!?

Wow!  There were some amazing Squats from everyone today.  With exceptional weights that let us know “Still got it!” and PR’s left and right it was a good Squat day.  Great job everyone.  You all squatted well with all the important and essential factors of what an ideal squat is and we’ll see more!  Jason you are an animal.  Jason hit a big goal of his.  He wrote it on the PR board some time ago… I think from a joke from Gabe.  They were messing around that he should squat heavier.  Guy banter nothing more lol.  So ostentatiously Jason wrote 501lbs on the black board.  Not just 500, it had to be 501.  He’s been working towards it… preparing his system to handle such a load and mentally attaching such an effort.  Well Jason did it today.  Achieved that goal….. that was IMPRESSIVE folks.  Strongest squat that building has ever seen… EVER!  But, what was strikingly unforgettable was how easy he made that lift.  He still had room in the tank!  What a squat brotha and I am greatful I was able to see you do something so freaking cool to watch.  We all got to see something badass.  Proud of you!

4th Of May Year 2021

Bench Press – 4×5
Tough Pull-Ups – 4×8
L-Hold – 4x30secs

12 Dumbbell Snatches @Heavy-Moderate DB
10 Box Jumps
8 Cal Bike

Rest 2 Minutes

12 Handstand Push-Ups
6 Deadlifts @275/185
12 Dumbbell Sit-Ups @Same weight as other AMRAP

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