Max Out Day

Memorial Day Murph is approaching.  In 4 weeks the world of CrossFit and others will unite together to participate in doing the most well known CrossFit workout there is.  A hero workout named “Murph.”  Last week I enjoyed doing our Murph prep on a Wednesday as it provided a rest day going into our Thursday Open gym format day.  I think Wednesday’s are a good day to get these highly demanding work days in rather than in the beginning of the week when we still have the entire week’s programming ahead of us.  Tomorrow’s workout was inspired from a Chris Spealler workout that he posted.  I tweaked it a little because…. uh, I wanted to haha.  I wanted to add an extra round without adding any more volume to the amount of Cleans the workout has.  Still the same 60 reps, but now with an extra round of Wallballs… your welcome all you Wallball lovin crazies!

3rd Of May Year 2021

Establish a 1 Repetition Maximum Back Squat

4 Rounds Of:
20 Wallballs 30/20
15 Power Cleans @135/95

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