I think we will retest our 1 Rep Back Squat next week.  After the Open, and stepping away from some consistency, and just about everything else that went on last year and into this year, right now would be a perfect time to reset, reassess, and retest some stuff…. and we can start with our beloved Back Squats.  We got 99 problems, but a Back Squat ain’t one!  I’d love to make T-Shirts that said that haha.

Here is a little humor for you all to start off your week.  I me and my friend Joseph will call each other every now and then and answer the phone saying, “Is champs there?”  You’ll get it after the video.  Enjoy.

And here is a quick video that Jazzy threw together from our Brosesh this weekend.  We ran threw a little strongman set up.  It was very different than our normal Saturday Brosesh grinders!  Thank you Jazzy, you are very talented!

26th Of April Year 2021

Back Squat
Establish A Heavy 2 Rep
***Don’t worry about maxing out… just something HEAVY***

Ladder Increasing by 3’s
Thrusters @95/65

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