Suns Out Guns Out

Who is down to set up and run through a little Strongman Challenge?  I’ve set up something similar in the past and it’s a ton of fun… we didn’t have as many toys back then so this time around it should be even more fun!  I can think of a certain someone who is guna have goosebumps at the thought of this little event.  It’s just for fun, but I think that could be a cool way to do a Saturday.  Test your limits… pick things up and put them down… try something new.  Who’s in!?

23rd Of April Year 2021

Heavy Touch and Go Clean and Jerks Of:

5 Rounds Of:
6 Deadlifts @315/205 or 245/165 or 185/125
10 Burpees
14 Toes To Bar

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