Let’s Use All The Equipment

There’s been a few special birthdays that I wanted to mention here.  Happy belated birthday from ALL OF CFLOTW to Sophia and Monica!  I hope you girls had a great days with your loved ones and got to eat all the cake!  Thursday is another special Birthday.  Vic is back in town to celebrate her sis’s bday.  Happy Birthday Desirae!  I hope you enjoy your special day (Thursday) with your special family.  Here’s the very special workout you requested 😉  There’s a lot of grunt work, grunt work, grunt work, with a sprinkle of that mixture of technique and mobility that the Overhead Squat demands.  Enjoy!  And again, from the CFLOTW fam, we are wishing you all very happy birthdays!

21st Of April Year 2021

8 Walking Lunges @155/105
8 DB Bench Press @50/35
GOAT Training


4 Devil’s Press @50/35
200m Row
4 Devil’s Press
36 Double Unders
4 Devil’s Press
Overhead Squats (Your Choice of either 22 Empty Barbell or 7 Weighted)

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