Weekend Upgrade

Surprise!  Almost finished the Barnwood style wall.  It looks like a 13 year old girl’s room.  I actually got part of the idea from my Goddaughter’s LED lit room.  I mentioned last week (it was our 500th blog post I might add… that was cool) I had a few projects I was going to work on to add a little more swag to the gym.  From the hand full of those projects, I got about 90% done with one…. haha.  I usually do things on my own, but today the cavalry showed up.  Normally my family spend our Sunday’s at my parents, but they knew I’d be at the gym and being my parents they came to help… and boy did they help.  There was no way I could have came close to finishing (You should have seen the mess!).  So thank you for spending your Sunday working with your “in over his head” son.

One thing about the wall.  DON’T FALL INTO IT.  You can cut yourself doing wallcrawls if you fall into the wood.  It is real wood so be cautious and be safe!

19th Of April Year 2021

3 Back Squats @80%

14 Dumbbell Snatches @50/35
7 Burpees
14 Air Squats
7 Push Press @95/65 or 115/80 or 155/105

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