Pick Things Up And Put Things Down

A couple of “Your Choice” options for today’s Accessory piece.  Choose between:  Axel Bar, Farmer’s Carry, Sandbag, Stones, and DB/KB implementations for your Odd Object minute and any high’ish skilled body weight movement for the GOAT Training.  We’re moving large loads over long distances quickly…. This applies most commonly to weighted objects such as barbells, medicine balls, DB’s, KB’s, Sandbags, and weight plates, but it can also be made to make claim to just moving your body across empty space.  There is a reason why weightlifting competitions have weight classes.

6th Of April Year 2021

30 Sec Odd Object
30 Sec V-Ups
30 Sec L-Hold
30 Sec GOAT Training

14 Cal Row
12 Handstand Push-Ups
10 Deadlifts @245/165

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