Quarterfinal Announcements

This Thursday they will announce the first two events for Sophia!  I’m thinking handstand Push-Ups, Double Unders, and DB Squat Cleans (we have a floor plan so my guess is pretty obvious lol) for the first “Test.”  We will plan to do this during Open gym at around 5-5:30pm and give Sophia a chance to get out of work, take her preworkout and listen to at least 20 minutes of some Tupac to get her hyped for the first workout.  The next one we are planning on doing the next morning.  We are shooting to do this around the 9:30am time so I don’t have to close this time off for the 9:30 crew.  I won’t program anything crazy that day incase it takes more time to set up and get that workout done (We don’t know any further details yet until the official full announcement on Thursday.  At noon on Friday they will release the next couple of “Tests.”  That leaves us planning to do another one that afternoon, so again, we will plan to do it at around 5-5:30pm to break up the metabolic distress from doing multiple workouts throughout the day and spreading it out to do the 4th one Saturday morning (I think this one is going to be an Overhead Squat… dum dum dooooooooon!)) and then perhaps the last sometime after that.  Those times will still be regular sessions, but please know that there is a tight window for these quarterfinal “Tests” and I will do my best to get everyone situated.  Good luck Sophia!  You’ve worked hard and now it is time to show it!  Quarterfinals is the largest fitness event in the world hosted by your own CrossFit Legends Of The Wilderness!  This Year’s athlete:  Sophia Sepp!!

7th Of April Year 2021

Split Jerk

Fight Gone Bad Style
3 Rounds Of:
Push Press @95/65
Box Jumps
Hand Power Cleans @95/65
***Reminder! Please do not drop the 10’s and even the 15’s from overhead. THEY WILL BREAK. They can’t even be replaced right now as these have been out of stock for 12 months. If you are not sure if you can control it down… I guess that means you got to go heavier 😉

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