How We Are Doing The Open

Here’s some pics of some pretty good dudes!  Our two honorary Legends Of The Month!  Just look at those big smiles…. I think we were smiling and that awkward realization after knowing we had masks on… :/


We’re taking a little (emphasis on “little”) de-load week this week as we enter the Open season.  I’m very excited for these next few weeks.  With the Open absent in 2020 this Open is coming at a relatively great time.  It is always good to have goals.  Something to work towards.  Something to put your purposeful and intentional efforts towards.  Testing your fitness and observing the areas that can make us better.  Nutrition, recovery, our jobs, and yes of course, our movements (Those darn Double Unders and Handstand Walks!!).  That’s what the Open does… and does well.  It provides insight, illustrating beautifully, the areas that could use a little love and attention.  And we are always better for it after.  This year will be different.  The big difference being when and how we will do our Open workouts.  Unfortunately we cannot have our Saturday Open extravaganza, for obvious reasons I cannot have that occupancy right now.  So, we are going to have our workouts during normal Friday hours.  You all can help me out big time by communicating amongst your gym buddies and coordinate having your Judge come in with you to judge your workout.  Standards will, as always, apply.  This is competition time so part of the responsibility of being a Judge, and judging, is to make sure each movement is valid by the range of motion associated by the standards we train day in and day out.  EQUALLY if not more importantly is…. have fun!  This is GAME TIME!  So, have fun with it.  Enjoy it!  Don’t get down on yourself and don’t get upset with the judge that is taking their time to help you out.  This is for you and you alone.  There’s a lot of reasons to do the Open, but the biggest take away from it is to enjoy your fitness and be thankful that we have our bodies and are able to do things like this!  Enjoy the process.

8th Of March Year 2021

Back Squat
5×3 @85%1RM

10 Deadlifts @225/155
20 Hand Release Push-Ups
30 Air Squats
40 Double Unders

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