LegendS Of The Month

This month’s Legend Of The Month is actually honoring two individuals.  These two young men are exceptional inside and out of the gym.  Gabe comes to 9:30 and has been extremely consistent ever since he started over a year ago.  He is a really good kid with a good head on his shoulder.  He gets a lot of that from his momma that most of you know, Dora.  Gabe is also incredibly smart.  The more I talk to him, the more I realize that this kid is sharp!  Gabe continues to improve in so many aspects of CrossFit… and we all know that there are a lot of them lol!  I always enjoy talking to Gabe and seeing him walk into the gym.  What a delight it is to know you my friend.  He’s genuine, hilarious, consistent, and his commitment to being a good and decent man makes him one of our Legends Of The Month!  Gabe can literally do anything he puts his mind to, and I’m sure he will.  I’m so excited to see him continue to grow into the great man he is becoming.  I am proud of you Gabe and keep up the good work!

The second Legend Of The Month works out so perfectly.  They don’t know each other, but share so many great qualities, and I knew it would be a perfect month for these guys to share this award.  Andrew, other than having the best name in the world, is also a great kid.  He’s been one of our youngest Legends ever since he started with us and, like Gabe, continues to get better.  I love seeing his face light up after he hits a PR… which he did so today actually on the Squat Clean… 170lbs just saying!  He’s been diligent with making goals and working towards them.  He and his older brother come in for Open gym and literally have a brosesh.  It’s awesome!  I use to hate when people would tell me this, “You have potential.”  I don’t know why, but I did, but that’s what I see in Andrew.  Potential.  Lots of it.  Physically he can be great at CrossFit.  His natural athleticism, his ability to learn movement patterns, and competitiveness make Andrew, “The future of CrossFit!”  Yes, he is actually very competitive.  I love it!  Not to mention he is 16.  He’s got so much life ahead of him.  So many say to me they wished they would have found CF earlier in life.  Andrew is there right now in his life.  This award can be about great feats of physical accomplishments that we witness in the four walls of our facility, and that is great and I love that, but more so, I like to acknowledge the character of the person, in this case persons, by their integrity, work ethic, genuineness, and inner spirit.  That’s why both Gabe and Andrew are this month’s LegendS Of The Month!  Great job both of you and I am proud to be your coach!  A round of applause for these two young men!

5th Of March Year 2021

From The Hat!

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