The CF Open Begins March 11

The Open begin in 18 days!  Make sure to register at and choose CrossFit Legends Of The Wilderness as your affiliate if you haven’t already.  One of the biggest changes to this year’s Open is that it is only 3 weeks long (3 workouts) instead of the 5 we are use to.  Also, they are adding more divisions to register your workout under, like Rx’d, Scaled, Age groups, and even an “Equipment-Free Option” for those that don’t have access to a gym and equipment.  I think the Open in general is such a great event.  It provides goals to work towards, the joining community aspect that CrossFit was founded upon locally and globally, the competitive environment that makes us push and makes us give that extra effort for each workout, and the learning that goes along from all of it!  Mostly, it’s fun to put your fitness to the test.  We work hard all year long… might as well use it!


And a very happy birthday to Joe Apodaca! Hope you had a great day buddy! Wishing you many more good years from all of CFLOTW.

22nd Of February Year 2021

Front Squat

Hand Release Push-Ups
Dumbbell Snatches

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