Farewell and Good Luck

Gena Breck was one of our members that came from our last Women’s Challenge.  She’s a runner that likes to challenge herself (probably why she got into CrossFit… this stuff isn’t easy, and I very much admire that about her), she’s a teacher, a mother, a friend.  She was one of our Legends Of The Month and a special member of the morning classes.  Gena is moving to cold country Massachusetts… and I wish her all the best in this new season, and to find every happiness in life.  Keep challenging yourself.  Keep being the space of joy you bring where ever you are.  Keep PR’ing.  Gena you are CrossFit.  You will be missed!  Good luck.

29th Of December Year 2020


5 Deadlifts
30 Sec GOAT Training
30 Sec DB Cleans
30 Sec DB Overhead Biased Lunges
30 Sec Odd Object (Your Choice)

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