Last Of 2020

The Last Blog of 2020…. pa rum pum pum pum!  We needed a short, fast, all out effort, pedal to the metal, hold on for the ride, light your hair on fire, go fast don’t stop and then go faster type of a workout to mix in with these long grinders we’ve had.  Since working out hasn’t been as consistent as other times throughout the year, I figured we’d bloody workout and make the ones we did last for a couple of days.  haha. You guys have been doing extraordinary and I have only to say… fantastic work.  You guys work hard.  Things worth while tend to have hard work be the shoulders on which it stands on… the foundation of what’s next, and what you can build upon.  This year wasn’t easy.  I don’t think I will even make a post of the kind of year this was… at least I won’t get into detail about it.  All I will say for now is, thank you.  That’s all that matters really.  I don’t think on my death bed I will think about the money lost, and the anxiety and worry of this year.  There will be regret, I am sure.  But, what I hope to hold on to is what was done.  We had tremendous difficulty and scrambled to hang on.  We fought the good fight, and there is more of that to come, but for now.  We are still here.  To an ordinary man, that is a honorable accomplishment.  Thank you CrossFit Legends Of The Wilderness…. you are my Legends, but I am proud, honored, and privileged to call you my friends.

30th Of December Year 2020

3 Sets Of:
10 Single Leg V-Ups
15 Dual Leg Lift Overs
20 Medicine Russian Twists
21 Bicep Curls (Sevens)

Cal Bike
Snatches @95/65, or 115/70, or 135/95

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