2021 Promotions

I will have these promotions with a limited amounts.  First is the 1 year membership.  You can pay for your year of membership and receive 2 months frees.  If you are interested and wanted to budget that, it would mean this promotion would be the cost of 10 months of your membership.  I will only be able to accept 5 of these as it would take away 5 individual payments a month.  I understand if we were to have another forced closure that would effect the 12 months of this promotion date… so, it would be frozen during that time and will reactivate when we would reopen… just to let you guys know.  I understand times are difficult and I do not want to lead you into anything that could be detrimental to your financial needs.  This is just if you are interested, but also why now I am offering it.  This leads me into the second promotion.  The Lifetime Membership Promotion.  There will be limited spots as well for this one.  For as long as you want to keep coming this promotion would be paid in full.  You would also receive free swag anytime I got new gear.  Not a selling point, but if you are paying that might as well get some other stuff down the road.  Most people that have come to CrossFit for more than 3 Years would have this paid off, and would essentially be free membership after that.   This Lifetime Membership is 3,900. There is more involved with this and just pull me aside one of these days, if you are interested and I could go over it with you.

11th Of December Year 2020

Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Power Snatches @105/70 or 135/95
Box Jump Overs

Rest 2 Minutes

Max Rep Squat Snatches @105/70 or 135/95

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