Thank You Veterans

Celebrating our Veterans the CrossFit way.  There is something to giving honor where honor is due.  That’s why we have our “Legend Of The Month” awards, and we have honor to give tomorrow.  This is kinda like Valentine’s Day.  It shouldn’t be just a day we give the credit where credit is due…. it should happen throughout the year.  Like Valentine’s Day, you don’t just give your significant other affection only that one day of the year… but it is a good reminder and at the very least is dedicated to be celebrated for a special day.  We have Veterans in our lives… we have Veterans in our gym fam… a lot of them.  I seen them throughout my years here and always see the great people that they are… the toll the job takes… the privilege only those individuals know… and the sacrifices they make for the family and country.  To all the men and women that have served in our military forces and are currently serving CFLOTW thanks you… this one is for you!

Pick one of these as our Veteran’s Day Workout. Each of these are prescribed with a weight vest or body armor but does not have to be. These are tough workouts designed for the tough individuals they were made for. In that spirit they are high volume and made for a more challenge in your average workout because they made the ultimate sacrifice. They are not here anymore and are survived by their families… we are here let’s not forget that, and we’re ready to give this workout everything we got!

I encourage you to have the workout picked before you come in and look up on their stories.


Time Cap – 40 mins



Time Cap 40mins – Rowing instead of Running



Time Cap 40 mins
6 Rounds Of:
24 Air Squats
24 Push Ups
24 Walking Lunges
400m Row


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