Secret Santa Announcement

My mom and dad celebrated their 37th anniversary this past Thursday.  We did this workout last November 5th, and I wanted to throw this one in to say Happy Anniversary from CFLOTW…. and to many many more!  Love you guys.

Also, we will be doing a Secret Santa this year for anyone that wants to participate.  It’s always fun getting presents… giving them is cool too I guess…. anyways, I will have a sign up on the white board beside the comp plates.  I know it’s early for Christmas stuff it only comes once a year so why the heck not, also some people like to start their holiday shopping on black Friday (I know I do), and I want to have all the sign ups by then to have all the Secret Santas assigned to have time for this.  Thanks and see you all tomorrow!

9th Of November Year 2020

Back Squats
3 Back Squats @75%1RM

9 Power Snatches
7 Overhead Squats
5 Wallcrawls
150m Row

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