Legend(S) Of The Month!

Like I mentioned in our last post, this month’s Legend Of The Month award is a special one… that is because it will be going to a couple of strong females that I am fortunate to know and call friends.  What better way to win than sharing it with your fellow gym fam.  Victoria Carrillo and Jasmine Cisneros are our recipients to this award.  These two remarkably charismatic young women are some of CFLOTW’s darlings and consistently work toward excellence.  I have been noticing Victoria for some time now and wanted to give her this award ever since her family was out of town and, in nursing school, casually came into the 9:30am class and told me she was going to come every day that week… the first time she was going to attempt that.  I thought that was significant as she had normally came in with her sister, brother-in-law, and father, but she was coming solo that week.  Vic has been having to modify all the fun stuff.  Her lifts are amazing.  It wasn’t a technique thing, but some weird and awkward neck pain that radiated everywhere and so we have had to take an approach that I believe for many could have very easily been discouraging.  But, for Vic, that choice seems to almost not exist and her stoic willingness to work hard continues to impress.  Jazzy has been note worthy as she had been dealing with back issues for a while.  Turns out she had scoliosis and her doctor gave her a bunch of restrictions as to what was appropriate to do.  When she came into the gym the next time after that we had a talk about it and she has been just as consistent with her attendance ever since.  That is the major aspect as to the recognition of these two.  They have both been dealing with injuries and issues for awhile, but I still see them just about everyday.  That is honorable.  That is maturity.  That is a role model.  When things come up they make it a priority to think about their fitness and health.  It’s hard to work out with injuries.  Let me tell you… it is very hard…. and many times it sure as heck isn’t fun.  But, it doesn’t last forever and these girls are a perfect example of that.  That is what being a leader is about.  Their perseverance tells a remarkable story.  Vic and Jazzy didn’t throw caution to the wind.  They did, and still do day after day, what was/is appropriate for them for that day.  They use their workouts to aid and help them, not to further detour them from the end game.  They also knew that it isn’t the end of the world, even though sometimes it feels like it is, when they were having a bad day and bad issues, and could still do something at the gym.  Many times that was drastically modifying what was programmed.  I guess that is what this award is for, day after day of relentlessly moving forward when your world seems to be doing all it can to keep you from just that.  Great job girls at keeping your heads up!  Great job at working hard!  It wasn’t always easy… many times it rarely is… but, like many things in life it is simple… but not easy.

6th Of November Year 2020

From The Hat!

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