Labor Day Hours

Labor Day Schedule
We will have a little different schedule tomorrow with a few times available to come in and get your work out in! The following times are the hours that will be available:

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend! If you are fortunate to have the day off tomorrow, I’ll be open for you 😉 I hope to see you tomorrow for a good ol’ Labor Day workout!  I would also recommend, get yourself outside for a hike, bike ride, or play with your dog and family.  Those endorphins still get released and can be a great option to substitute, or add, into your normal workout regimen.   Get outside and put your fitness to use!


10 Toes to Bar
15 Wallballs
Ladder INC by 2’s
Clean and Jerks @55-65%1RM
**E.g. of weights if no %
Male: 95, 115, 135
Female: 55, 75, 95

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