Legend Of The Month

First of the month means one thing…. “From The Hat!”  It feels like it’s been forever since our last monthly special day.  Heroes get remembered.. but like Legends, traditions never die!  Be unique.. Be creative.. Be you.  That’s a perfect segway into our next and more important topic… Legend Of The Month!!

This month’s Legend Of The Month award is one over due.  I tend to keep a mental list of individuals doing extraordinary acts and efforts in one form or another.  Sometimes those add up over time.  This individual for years I have seen grow, change, and transition into a beautiful soul.  Tiffany has been a member, but more importantly a friend to me for years.  Earlier this month I was telling Caitlin that I hope this came as a surprise, but I had a feeling Tiff has a hunch this was coming.  She has just been extremely and noticeably impressive inside and out of the gym.  A little bit of the outside of the gym.

I met her before she even started CrossFit… that’s a story for another time.  Something about Tiffany shines.  Her bright smile, her snarky remarks, her confidence…. but how she can influence a room is what amazes me most.  When she walks into a room, the room is brighter, warmer, and better for it.  Those snarky remarks I just mentioned catch people by surprise.  She’s incredibly bright.  There’s a quality of her that reminds me of my sisters.  I would say her and I are pretty close.  We can talk about just about anything, and many times we do.  Like my sisters she will tell it to me how it is.  I may not like it at times.  Like a sibling way we bicker, but we get over it because our acceptance of the other’s differences overrides any bitterness.  I think at times I actually get on her nerves haha.  She joggles a harmonic convergence of gentleness and confidence.  I think that’s why people gravitate towards her.  For the past couple of years I’ve seen some of her personal grow.  Maturing into a woman of strength, grace, and that is a darling of our humbling gym.  That’s just a little of why Tiff is truly special.

In our gym, by all definition of the word, she has been crushing it!  She just got a 4:05 minute Fran (I did it next to her and somehow she’s made a weakness a massive strength… I couldn’t shake her!), which totally killed her previous time.  I pride myself on knowing most of you all’s abilities and where, for the most part, your fitness levels are… but, after seeing that Fran (esp those PU’s!) through the corner of my eye. I had a literal “Where did that come from!” moment. That’s impressive… what’s more impressive is how she, like in her life outside the gym, works and bettering herself.  She had a significant right-to-left side discrepancy where she shifted to one side anytime she squatted… like all the time.  She doesn’t do that anymore… like at all.  We’ve had a lot of  “Good job,” talks because those kinds of improvements just keep manifesting.  She’s a monster squatter by the way and during quarantine she worked, and worked, and worked and I think, like one of those weirdos, came out fitter.   She came up to me recently and said, “It’s time.”  I replied, ” For what?” “To work on Snatches again.”  We stayed away from that movement for literally years!  They were hurting her shoulders and after a while doing that they can seem daunting.  But, Tiff constantly works on bettering herself, and she was mature enough to not just admit, but pursue excellence.  That nothing owns her, and nothing can stop her.

4th Of September Year 2020

From The Hat!!

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