The Most Athletic Movement In All Of Sports

Congratulations to my homie Gaskins!  He just graduated with another Masters degree… that’s right another one!  Getting higher education in later years of your life seems daunting, but Gaskins did it with everything on his plate being a father.  If you want something in life, don’t let the naysayers stop you.

This month’s Legend Of The Month award goes to a very deserving, and overdue, individual.  The workout itself for today is just for her 😉  She has been the spotlight of performance and character since we reopened.  Jenae hasn’t just been consistently PR’ing and smashing workouts… she’s been demolishing them!  I find myself pushing my pace on workouts and slowly see her drift further and further ahead… and then, she gone!  There is sometimes a moment when I see the potential of an athlete.  A spectacular glimpse of light through certain circumstances.  With Jenae, I honestly don’t know where that potential lies because I believe it can be limitless.  With a mysteriously humble personality, she accepts challenges and has this innate will to better herself.  She took the top spot on the Overhead Squat by beating her old PR.  The intriguing part of this, that I was fortunate in witnessing, was that each time the weight got heavier, it continuously looked better.  That doesn’t happen very often, and consider that this lift is held at high prestige because of its elegant and beautiful complex nature. This LOTM award always goes to someone that is deserving of honoring “valiant effort” and a “spirit” present in our community… Jenae everyday demonstrates and illustrates those qualities.  Well done Jenae.  I can’t wait to see you continue to thrive!  Just please let me win every once in a while… okay?  Next time you see her, make sure you congratulate her with a shot of whiskey and an O2!

4th Of August Year 2020

EMOM 20 – Alternating
1 Full Snatch (After every successful lift, increase your weight)
30 Sec GOAT Training

**1 Snatch on minute 1…
**2 Snatches on minute 2…
**3 Snatches on minute 3…
**4 Snatches on minute 4…
**So on and so forth continuing that pattern until you can no longer complete the amount of reps needed in that minute!!

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