Two Workouts And A Barbell

We generally have our strength pieces at the beginning of our sessions.  Today we will sandwich the strength effort with two short AMRAP’s.  I like the idea of being strong under fatigue.  To build that type of capacity it must be trained… intentionally and purposefully practiced.  Practice doesn’t always make perfect… Perfect practice makes prefect.  So, make sure to be mindful of, and depend on and fall back on, good technique.  Adequate and proper technique must take priority, especially in our higher demanding, multi-joint complex movements.  Good motor patterns first then intensity.  See you mañana!

12th Of June Year 2020

21 Air Squats
14 Dumbbell Snatches
7 Handstand Push-Ups

In 10 Mins
Establish a Heavy 1 Rep Clean and Jerk

7 Clean and Jerks @70% from Established Heavy Clean and Jerk
14 Hand Release Push-Ups
21 Air Squats

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