I’ve had some questions asked about Brosesh.  We’ll still having it!  I’ll write up the workout and you will set up and compete to complete it!  We’ll talk more tomorrow about it 😉

The support you’ve given me since we’ve been shut down by Covid-19 has been overwhelming, and it reminds me why we started this in the first place.  Community support is our backbone and a foundation of what makes CFLOTW special.  Because of that, here is the link to the $100 credit for YOU. #stayformay gift vouchers to O2, Born Primitive, Puori, and Bear KompleX… it is spread out for $25 per brand. We support those who support us, and this is our way of saying thanks for your loyalty and continuous support.  It is amazing that some companies are doing such extraordinary efforts to show their support… this is an amazing example.  So get yourself some swag from them!  Take advantage of this incredible gift.  They are doing this with EVERY affiliate that registered their gym when this “Coalition” was announced for all members that continued to pay their memberships while we were closed!  That’s right… every… single… person.  So thank you for your support.  This appreciation goes over and above those words, but still THANK YOU.  We survived that closure and we can survive this rebuilding with everyone’s help.    These expire June 25, so make sure to use them soon by going to this link:

Sometimes it pays to read the blog…. literally lol.

I definately recommend some O2.  These recovery drinks are delicious!  I stocked our frig with these after they sent affiliates a free case, and I love them!  So I bought a few cases and will buy more with other promos they are offering affiliates.  How can you not a company like that!  I actually emailed the guy in charge of putting all this together with a question because they had our name wrong when I registered for the Coalition and he actually emailed me back.  I thought that was cool and wanted to share.


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