Being back in business means back to some of our fun traditions!  Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month… you know what that means!  “From The Hat.”  That hat hasn’t gotten any attention and it’s lonely.  We’ll give it some love mañana!  This time with a little twist.  I noticed before, for some reason, it seemed that some of the same cards were always picked more than others.  So, to change it up, as a card gets chosen it’ll get taken out of the Hat.  It’ll be like our own little game show!  Haha.  I’m excited for this and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Here are a couple picture I received from Chau today from our medical graduates!  Jackie and Barbara!!  Through out there lives and school people would always get these twins mixed up, but truth is they are so unique in their own ways.  They are a couple of beautiful souls, as well as strong and graceful women!  Good luck in Cali!  Thank you for sending them to me Chau.  These kids grow up so fast these days 😥


5th Of June Year 2020



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