Congratulations All Graduates

I reached out to our medical students from the Burrell College Of Osteopathic Medicine that are all done and have gone on to new chapters in their lives, and are now literally spread out throughout the United States.  This blog is dedicated to you guys.  I am honored to have known each and everyone of you.  Carrie is going to Florida!  Jackie went to Fresno, CA!  Roxanne went all the way to the Big Apple!  I hope you don’t blow away! 😉  Corina is going to El Paso, so we may see her at some point.  We get to have Chau for another year though!  And I am not sure where Matt Johnson and Barbara will be exactly, but where ever they are and where ever they end up… they will be incredible Doctors…. and even better human beings.  Of that I have no doubt.  So, we have to send you a farewell virtually, but with the same breathe and depth that a farewell like this holds.  From all of us at CrossFit Legends Of The Wilderness, we want wish you the best of luck and the biggest congratulations!

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine
Dr. Delayna Corina Garica
Dr. Carrie Ramos
Dr. Roxanne Waggoner aka Roxy
Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen Espino
Dr. Barbara Nguyen Espino
Dr. Matthew Johnson


We also have some amazing young adults that graduated high school didn’t get there graduation like we all had. My sympathy goes out to you guys, but you have so many amazing moments are ahead of you! Congratulations and good luck in your next endeavor of life!

High school Grads
Jessalyn Grijalva
Brendan Bryant
Gabriel Madrid
David (Yvonne’s son)


3rd Of June Year 2020

EMOM 15 – Alternating
2 Push Press
4 Push Jerk
6 Split Jerk

Ladder Increase by 2’s
Deadlifts @225/155
Handstand Push-Ups

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