Today Was A Good Day

What an amazing day.  Thank you for everyone supporting this beautiful community.  I truly believe that is part of the reason why the City Council, and Mayor, voted not to pass the “No Free Weights” proclamation.  Thank you to everyone’s efforts that reached out to our city officials to educate them and just show them that some gyms, like our modest little facility, can manage those concerns they had about cleaning equipment and surfaces with safety, effectiveness, through consistent efforts, and caring at heart.  You guys are awesome!  Another huge thank you to all that came in today and continue to give their support to this special place… and without fault.  I was more worried, stressed, and really hesitant to open this time than I was when we originally opened.  I actually wasn’t worried at all when I opened at the start of 2019.  But, this community has some pretty incredible individuals that value their own health and wellness as well as others (Yours) and want to see this place succeed.  ❤  Now let’s get back in there and get to gettin’ some gainz!!

One more thing that I missed saying in yesterday’s video.  If you were able to make it today…. which attendance didn’t nearly get to the capacity restrictions at all (the biggest class was 8 and most others except for 6:30pm was about 2-3).  I had to gather, and store away, all of the chalk buckets.  It’s not sanitary to have chalk out for everyone to use from.  I’m not against using chalk.  I use to get told to leave the Activity Center at the University for taking chalk and I HATED that!  This is a gym.  Chalk is actually necessary.  It’s needed for many reasons, like better results from your workout, but also even just for better safety.  It allows you to grip and hold onto the bar better at higher repetitions and lift larger loads, and it helps you hanging on to the rungs on the rig more proficiently and with much more control (A big reason why it isn’t a CrossFit thing to wear gloves).  There just won’t be a community chalk bucket… but you can bring your own.  I encourage that actually.  I bought a ton of blocks during our shut down time and have plenty available to purchase.  1 block will be 3 bucks cash…. along with saying the magic word…. Mjolnir.  Correctly.  Lol.  That is the name of Thor’s hammer.  I think it has another name in the comics, but I can’t remember it.

There was some buzz from a couple people not wanting to come in and take someone’s spot for their workout given the circumstances…. I’d like to encourage anyone that wants to come, to come!  This is your gym too.  We are all really in these crazy times together, so I believe having participation from EVERYONE is important and necessary.

2nd Of June Year 2020

Back Squat

10 Power Snatches @95/65
20 Wallballs
40 Double Unders

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