Must Be Read And Video Watched For Tomorrow

Here’s the video I promised you all.  I have a Plan A, which is how we will execute now with a the current operating hours in effect to alleviate at least some of the adjusting that’s unfortunately inevitable and happening.  There is also my Plan B which more than likely will take effect either later this week or the start of next week.  I like Plan B better actually, but there are drawbacks to it that ultimately lead it to being the second option.  I feel this way will easy our way back into these crazy times….. Oh what times we live in now.   But remember, this is not forever.  This is just for right now.  Cleaning our equipment is extremely within our abilities in our world and very manageable.  I hope City Councils can see that in our structure of gyms.  Our methodologies, values, and community is unique.  Let’s show them who we are and what we can do!

Don’t forget we are running an Open Gym style with our past and normal operating hours that will be resetting every hour to help rotate people through to get the most out of the open gym times that we have.  The workout will be posted on the white board for tomorrow’s workout of the day.

There are other ways to sign in, I understand, but to be functioning and have the ability to open tomorrow, we will do it this way for now.  I can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!



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