The Bright Side Of Thinking

Well it doesn’t look like we will be opening until beginning on June. I hope this is true.  I am really feeling for this country right now.  These are rough times and there will be some people that are hurting and struggling more than others.  I hope for all of us to make it out of this okay and can bounce back with jobs lost, businesses that didn’t make it, opportunities that have gone under, and every other aspect that has been affected during this unexpected and unfortunate crisis.  I was texting Teka about some of this yesterday and I as we were going back and forth, I mentioned how stupid of me it was to have bought a new truck literally right before all this happened.  I have mentioned that to my mom a couple of times and she told me something that gave me great comfort.  We talked about my old red Toyota, Summer Seabreeze is her name, and how that truck was so unreliable and how out of the blue I would need to make repairs… big repairs, like it was dead and I would need to get a ride.  So, there I would be calling my dad thinking my life was over and feeling sorry for myself because I was going to have the truck in the shop for awhile, and it would expensive, and just the thought of another break down… but then my mom simply said that at least for now I don’t have to worry about that.  I have a reliable vehicle.  It would have been pretty crappy if Summer would have died on me somewhere during this this time and just everything that’s added to that situation.  So I looked at the bright side.  I tried, and continue to try, to not think of the things that do nothing for in concerning that… the payments, how I made a mistake, “If I had only waited,” blah blah blah.  And I look at the bright side.  And things seem better, they become easier to manage and handle.  So I can then use that will power and focus elsewhere with another problem that may be more prevalent, or even in the immediate or distant horizon.

It’s kind of the same thing as thinking of seeing the glass half full or half empty.  I’m not a big fan of that expression because I function from a place that acknowledges that there is the same amount of volume in that glass.  Sometime you have to experience something to get a better understanding… to make it more tangible and for it to actually resonate for you.

Next time, or if there’s something in your life now, that takes that peacefulness from you…..  try to keep it simple, be realistic, know that everything will be okay, and look at the positive in the situation.  I guarantee there is one.

14th Of May Year 2020


4 Intervals Of 2 Minutes of Work: 1 Minute of Rest:
10 Thrusters
10 DB/KB Step Ups
Max Effort Power Snatches (With remaining time of the 2 Minutes, Complete as many power Snatches as possible

Immediately into…

4 Intervals of 2 Minutes of Work: 1 Minute of Rest:
10 OHS
20 Sit-Ups
Max Effort Dumbbell Snatches with remaining time of the 2 minute work duration

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