Living Through Seasons Pt 3.

On many occasions in my training I learned more from missed lifts at a 1 Rep Max, or one close to it, than any successful attempt. All the successful lifts do is tell me that I did something right, which does have merit in some aspects, but it doesn’t describe how I can make it better. When I am lifting until failure, I am trying to find where my limit is, and where I fail first is where I am weakest…. or least trained. These missed attempts, or failed lifts, highly demonstrate a good illustration of your body… a blueprint if you will. Picture a maximum effort deadlift. Generally, people will lift and their legs can keep moving, but their back will give and round. When that happens, the lift is missed because the musculature of the back is left behind and isn’t strong enough. It’s the limiting factor. Do you know where your highs and lows are in that blueprint? Do you know what’s trained and untrained?

So I come around again to what seed are you planting? Are we in a place that we want this season’s harvest? Are we farming for next season? Or are we investing in the longevity 2, 10, 30 years down the road? I like to tell people to have quality of life in those later years in life. That’s where we should be doubling down on. I would not trade living to be 120 years of age when the past 40 years of my life I was bed ridden. I was quality with quantity. There is no wrong answer. Just make sure it is right seed for the right season. Sometimes we need the harvest of this season to advance us to the next. Just a little self-reflecting, but in this time I find it is best to bring to light these concepts so that we have an opportunity to learn from it and be better for it. Remember when a situation is presented, take it for what it is…. An opportunity. Having a problem in front of you doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad, is may more be about your position of perspective. You can see it as a problem or as an opportunity. When I see an airplane flying in the sky at 30,000 feet they look tiny, but when I look at one 10 feet away from me, it is going to look a lot bigger in my eyes because of my position.  That proximity/distance that I am to situation, obstacle, problem will always dictate my perspective.

May 8th Year 2020


With Body Armor, a Weighted Vest, or a Weighted Backpack
For Time with 45 Minute Time Cap
4 Rounds Of:
10 Sumodeadlift High Pulls
10 KB/DB Walking Lunges
10 Air Squats


3 Rounds Of:
20 KB/DB Walking Lunges
20 Dumbbell Snatches
20 Air Squats


2 Rounds Of:
30 Goblet Squats
30 Push-Ups
30 Air Squats


1 Round Of:
40 Sumodeadlift High Pulls
50 Dumbbell Snatches
60 Goblet Squats
70 Push-Ups
80 Air Squats

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