Birthday Vibes

Happy Birthday to my amazing, beautiful, super smart, charismatic, incredibly talented, artistic, and creative Avellena!  My niece is Goddaughter and my family and I are incredibly fortunate and blessed to have this young lady in our lives.  I the one person she gets to call Nino, and that’s one of the most things I am proud of in my life.  Happy birthday Ave!  I hope you have a great and happy day with many many many more birthdays to come!  I love you!  Oh and… Boys are not cute…. They are idiots.

One of my favorite pics of us from about 6 or 7 years ago


6th Of May Year 2020


3 Rounds Of:
90 Secs Of Hollow Rocks
90 Secs Of Double Unders (Or use something to mimic a KB Swing)
90 Secs Of Wallcrawls/ V-Ups
Rest 90 Secs

Rest as Needed and Then…

Complete the SIWT second portion… find a way to try to stay as true and close to the stimulus as possible and use similar, if not the same movements. It is very doable and beneficial to even use water or milk jugs for the weighted objects.

3 Rounds Of:
90 Secs Of Max Reps Power Cleans @135/95
90 Secs Of Max Reps Kettlebell Swings
90 Secs Of Max Reps V-Ups
Rest 90 Secs

Rest as Needed and Then…

3 Rounds Of:
8 Dumbbell/Barbell Floor Press (Like a Bench Press but lying on the ground/ 8 Per Side)
8 Dumbbell/Barbell Bent Over Row (8 Per Side)
2 Minute Bottom Out Squat Hold with Kettlebell or Dumbbell (Hold the bottom of a Squat position for a solid 2 minutes… if your legs start to tingle or fall asleep then time pauses, come out of it, shake it out, and resume weighted/goblet squat hold)

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