Living Through Seasons Pt.2

When we try to understand this process in an area in our life where we are waiting and expecting growth… the thing about that, is that we shouldn’t disturb the seed. Uncovering the seed prematurely can damage the seed. We sometimes become impatient when it doesn’t sprout within the time frame we want… I know on a number of occasions where that has prevented my seed from growing. This topic brings many examples, but none greater to me than from the Bible. When Jesus was going to get baptized by John the Baptist, God spoke audibly saying, “This is my son with whom I am well pleased.” Immediately after that Jesus was sent into the wild where He was tempted. In the wilderness, the enemy tried to get Jesus to doubt who He was when he said to Jesus “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.” The miracle of turning bread from stone wasn’t the sin, it was, I believe, simultaneously more than tempting Jesus to doubt who He was… It was the enemy trying to get Jesus to do something prematurely. The devil was questioning Jesus to get him to doubt who he was, after God had just told him who he was. See how we can sometimes be deceived.

I see a lot of this in exercise. We don’t see the results we want, and are working hard expecting quick gain… and immediate return. There is a process. I know through repetition I will see gain. If I choose a specific movement and repeatedly do the movement I know I will gain strength depending on the demand I place. I will see the return. You have to STAY THE COURSE. Persevering is more than just continuing down a path though… Persevering is something that when you get to the other side through walking it out, victory is there waiting with thunderess applause. You become triumphant in your efforts. The word begins with the word “try,” and ends with a big ‘ol “umph!” I stole that from the movie “Happy Feet.”

5th Of May Year 2020


Ladder Increasing by 3’s
Walking Lunges (Complete the amount of reps for the Round for Each Leg)
Jumping Jacks

Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Thrusters @95/65
20 Double Unders Every Round

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