Murph Prep

This one will take a while.  Plan ahead, make sure you have time, have water available to have SMALL sips, pre-hydrate ideally (If you have an electrolyte complex supplement or easy digestible carbohydrate substance such as baby food or powder aminos…. this is the workout to use it).  Try to do this early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid peak heat times.  The idea of loosing more weight so I’m gonna run when it’s the hottest doesn’t work.  You’re only loosing more water and metals and throwing your body in a chaotic state of imbalance.  That doesn’t deplete what we what to it take away from, like body fat…. intensity drops dramatically so the induce stimulus is isn’t as intended… overall the fitness side of it doesn’t get trained, whereas, setting yourself up for success and doubling down on the areas where you can best succeed (that can be increasing intensity, lowering it for skill training, or working on weaknesses… it all just must have a purpose) is where we will have the most return on.  That’s the realm we want to function primarily at.

Please don’t skip on the run.  I know the running isn’t fun… I get it… but this is Murph Prep.  We don’t skip the run on Murph on memorial day so let’s hit the runs on our prep work as well!  It’s like running a business… getting to do all fun parts but not doing the not-so-fun parts…. like taxes.  That doesn’t really work. Haha

Be safe.  Be positive.  Stay healthy.  Stay moving.  Stay fit!

1st Of May Year 2020


Murph Prep!
With body armor, a weight vest, or weighted back pack
Run 4 Minutes
And then…
10 Rounds Of:
7 Thrusters @115/75
20 Air Squats
15 Push Ups
5 Strict Pull-Ups or Bent Over Rows or Reverse Incline Rows with the double Chair Set Ups
End with…
Run 4 Minutes

Very similar to actually Murph, but I think this order will be fun.

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