For The Members!

There’s been a lot of help from literally everywhere trying to support small businesses.  Now they are helping you!  This is incredible!  These four companies are coming together to give EACH member that continues paying their monthly membership $100!  I added a couple emails I received this morning from them you can see for yourself!  Again, thank you to everyone and together we can, and will, get through this…. this is the exact reason why CrossFit is called a community… locally and globally… a gym fam, why it separates itself from the mold and established something completely new.  Something life changing…. Something worth fighting for!

Hey Andres, making sure that you knew your gym is qualified for this already: O2, Born Primitive, Puori, and Bear KompleX are giving you the ability to offer each of your members $100 in gift cards ($25/brand) to whoever keeps their membership active with you through the month of May.
Yes, it’s for real. $100 to ALL of your members to use across our brands as long as they keep their membership active through May. We’re doing our best to make sure people #stayformay.
Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Announce this to your members ASAP – we’re trying to help you get in front of May cancellations
  2. Any, visit or read the recent article on the Morning Chalkup
  3. In a few weeks, we’ll equip you with the gift cards to give your active members the first week of June
Our customer service is overwhelmed w/ requests to participate, but I wanted to get this out to you directly. If you’ve other questions, checkout or search your inbox for a few recent emails from O2. We hope this helps!
Chris from O2
PS: Feel free to copy and paste this text to announce to your members and use the image here. O2, Born Primitive, Puori, and Bear KompleX are giving everyone who keeps their membership active with us in May $100 in gift cards to their sites ($25/brand). We’ll distribute the gift cards the first week of June. #stayformay!
Here’s another email that I just through the link down you can view for some more information about this! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

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