Not All Superheroes Where Capes


In honor of National Hero Day I wanted to acknowledge some real life super heroes.  All of the individuals that are still working, exposing themselves to risk, and that are on the front lines.  CFLOTW is beyond appreciate and thankful for the sacrifices made every minute of every day.  All the service personnel, and all those essential people that are still on the job!  The Police Force, Military, Fire, AMR, Grocery, Banks, Government, Food Establishments, and every single person in the medical field… I thank you… because there’s integrity and character behind that.  There’s kindness and goodness in these people that is acknowledged by many.  We are fortunate to have so many in our extended family that make our community so special, unique, and undoubtedly  beautiful.  I am proud to know each of you the way I do…. I am proud to be a brother to a wonderful, beautiful, and so courageous person.  I though I knew what it meant to be strong… but she is a “one of a kind.”  We were given a light for a reason…. to not be afraid of the darkness….. It was not wasted.  The thing about the wind is that is tell what flame we are burning at.  The same substance that blows the flame out in a meniscal state is the same substance the strengths it in maturity….. what degree are you burning at?


29th Of April Year 2020


A) 4 Sets Of:
1 Minute Weighted Plank Hold
1 Minute PVC/Broom Stick Sit-Ups

21 Squat Jumps
15 Russian Twists
9 Shoulder Taps; each side (Hold a handstand and use your hand to tap your opposite shoulder… alternate sides for 9 on each side adding up to 18 total for the round!)
1 MINUTE Run/ Jump Rope or DU’s

A) 4 Sets Of:
1 Minute Weighted Plank Hold
1 Minute PVC/Broom Stick Sit-Ups

21 Kettlebell Swings
15 Weighted Russian Twists
9 Squats Cleans 135/95
1 MINUTE Run/ Double Unders

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