Fittest In Dubai – Netflix Drop!

Have you watches “Fittest In Dubai” yet?!  It’s alright I guess… haha.  It’s an okay watch, but a surprise drop from Netflix that they have available.  It was nice to have some fresh new content that showed some of the athletes that I enjoy keeping up with.  This was the first Sanctional that CrossFit had in replacement for their Regionals so a lot of top athletes did go to this event.  It was pretty well made with some high production value as we’ve seen in the past when CrossFit made these type of little movies.  You can tell the difference that CrossFit HQ wasn’t monitoring the dialog and content… it keeps it more raw I guess… I’ll let watch it and see what you think!  Hope you enjoy the documentary and are doing well.  Stay fit! Stay moving!  Stay positive!  Be healthy!  Be creative!  Be unique!  Be you!

28th Of April Year 2020


Rounds Of:
5 Rounds Of:
4 Wallcrawls
12 V-Ups
24 Single Legged Stiff Legged Toe touches (12 one side and then 12 on the other)
***For the toe touches, think of them as RDL’s but single legged, so keep the leg that is grounded straight and lower to touch your toes, or as close as you can get, but keep your BACK STRAIGHT! Only lower into the RDL position low enough where you can keep you back straight with maintaining that good midline stable! You will feel it more this way as well!

5 Rounds Of:
15 Deadlifts @185/125 (Use DB’s if you don’t have a barbell with 10 per side!)
15 Dumbbell Snatches
15 Box Jumps/ Box Step Ups

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