CFLOTW Wishes The Biggest Birthday Wishes

What a time this is… and I just want to say, Happy Birthday to the strongest and brightest woman I know.  Tomorrow is a special Happy birthday to my beautiful and amazing mom.  She is a beacon that lights our way home.  Her fire burns bright and hot to keep those around her warm.  My mom is… with all definition of the phrase, One of a kind.  As I have grown older, I look back at what my mom has done in her life… and how she has done it… and I am just in awe and amazement.  Thank you for being a wonderful person and an ideal woman for my sisters and I to see and learn from.  For demonstrating love in its purest form.  I wrote a card to you once telling you about your brightest in this world and the meaning it hold in your name alone.  Thank you for showering that to us in everyday of our lives.  I love you and Happy Birthday Mami!

And a huge birthday to all of those that are celebrating a special birthday during this quarentine time!

17th Of April Year 2020

The primary Workout for tomorrow’s programming will be the last and final workout of the CrossFit HQ’s fundraiser competition. Workout 3 will be released tomorrow! I will post it on and you can find it tomorrow, along with information about the event (You can still do all 3 of the workout provided… I’ll allow it 😉 at See you all soon! Until then, enjoy this video… it may not be the most entertaining to most but can watch this stuff all day long!  At the very least it shows a quick snap of how the most simplest of amenities were made back in the day.

Accessory Core Work

A) 3 Sets Of:
90 Sec Plank Hold
60 Sec Russian Twist w/ weight
20 Broomstick Sit-Ups
15 Weighted Sit-Ups

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