As Prescribed… Or Slightly Rx’d

I want to stay true to programming a consistent “No equipment” regimen for the IWT (In the wilderness Training) template. In the wilderness we may not have equipment… if you watched my video on the Instagram or facebook page you see how that works 😉 Feel free to mix and match some of the component between IWT and SIWT (Slightly In the Wilderness Training) if you have some equipment, but not enough to follow that template as prescribed!

27th Of March Year 2020


With a weight vest
A) 3 Sets of:
1 Minute Flutter Kicks
90 Second Plank Hold
30 Sec Side Plank Hold – Left Side
30 Sec Side Plank Hold – Right Side
10 Plank Walk Outs
Rest 2 Minutes

B) AMRAP 18 – With Weight Vest
8 Single Leg RDL’s – 8 Each side (Try to touch your toes.. If you can, but keep focus on prioritizing and organizing yourself with the back position we’d see in a good deadlift)
16 Handstand Push-Ups (Set up similar to how we would in the gym.. meaning find a bench, chair, or the couch to set your knees on if you use a box at the gym)
24 Broomstick Sit-Ups (These are like our sit-ups we have done with the PVC pipe behind the neck Back Racked position)
48 Double Unders/ 96 Single Unders
***On the Single Leg RDL’s remember to keep your hips square… meaning keep them aimed towards the ground and don’t let them open up to face outward. Allow the knee to bend slightly as you would with the top portion of a deadlift and to tax the hammies lower yourself as far down as you can maintaining a straight and rigid back position.

A) Same as the IWT Part A

8 Single Arm Kettlebell Single Leg RDL – 8 Each Side
16 Handstand Push-Ups
24 KB Sumodeadlift High Pulls
48 Double Unders – 96 Single Unders

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