Keep Grinding!


Great job with the workouts everyone!  I see the posts everyone is putting up.  Keep posting!  Keep working!  Keep me motivated… that’s the gift you all give me.  Above is what I used to do a partner workout that Caitlin had me program for ourselves.  Yesterday I workout for the first time since last Wednesday.  I’ve been in a weird mood and after doing my workout I reignited to myself the importance of working out.  It keeps you healthy… literally… we need it… biologically, mentally, emotionally, and in a time where health is in your daily prayer (which everyday it should be) I realized how needed it is.  Many of us have that feeling after an absence of physical activity (physical activity has never been something that has lacked in my life), but timing is everything, and that timing was perfect.

Today I wanted to share this video I rewatched that Rogue put out in 2018.  Man O’ man does Rogue make some great content!  I hope you can set some time aside to sit and enjoy this.  I may move to Iceland….

25th Of March Year 2020 


Fight Gone Bad Style of:
Hand Release Push-Ups
Pistols -Alternating
Jumping Jacks
Dips (Place two chair facing inwards and dip with one hand on each chair lowering yourself towards the ground and pressing out of the dip to a locked out position)
BUS Burpees Over Stilettos (Grab those used stilettos of yours… Or Choose an object about 8-12 inches high!)

Fight Gone Bad Style of:
Hand Release Push-Ups
Pistols -Alternating
Kettlebell Swings (You can perform Swings with Dumbbells… That’s actually how I first learned how to “Kettlebell” Swings because Kb’s were difficult to come by)
Push Press (Use what ever you have available! DB’s, KB’s, Barbell at 95/65, Bumper Plate, Dog, etc.)
BUS Burpees Over Stilettos (Grab those unused stilettos boys!)

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