Some Needed Good News

Good evening everyone.  It feels like it’s been a while already.  A couple topics for some good news.  First off I will be programming two versions of workouts when I post.  One with no equipment that will be easy to do and can be done at home that we’ll call “In The Wilderness Training,” (IWT) and another with minimal equipment called “Slightly In the Wilderness Training,” (SIWT) until I can come up with a better title.  I will be considering the bareness of our situation and program in mind (for the SIWT) the equipment that was lent out to those that signed their lives away (Just kidding… kinda).

The second good news is that I have uploaded our affiliate into the SugarWod app and website.  We can track our workouts through this platform while commenting, sharing photos, and use the CFLOTW scoreboard to connect with one another outside of the gym in your own home!  Pretty cool huh!?  I hope to use this so that it can add a little more towards the accountability aspect that we all know and thrive on with attendance at the gym.  The great thing about CF gyms is the community.  SugarWod is a way we can keep a sense of that and still continue to support each other!  Make sure to download the app and go to and join CrossFit Legends Of The Wilderness.  After you join you may have to tap the home Icon, or setting tab, that looks like 3 horizontal lines stacked on top one another and switch from the mainsite CFHQ to our gym.  If this is a big hit we can even continue using this app when we’re back at the gym to keep in touch with the gym fam in its entirety, especially if someone goes to another class and we don’t see them after a killer workout!

23rd Of March Year 2020


2 Minute Run (about 400m)
40 Burpees
2 Minute Run (about 400m)
60 Air Squats
2 Minute Run (about 400m)
80 Sit-Ups

2 Minute Run (about 400m)
40 Burpees
2 Minute Run (about 400m)
40 Single-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters (Complete 10 per side and then switch arms)
2 Minute Run (about 400m)
40 Weighted Sit-Ups (With the DB like a baby lying on your chest, the rubber part of the DB touching each shoulder, wrap each arm under and around that head of the DB that is touching your shoulder.   This movt may be easier anchoring your feet under something stable or with a partner holding your feet down)
**Those that have a barbell and some weights you can do this with a barbell… but I think the unilateral aspect of these thrusters so I’d encourage you to do this with your DB!

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