Drive-Thru Gym Equipment Store

I will be handing out our equipment tomorrow at 5pm.  There will be a “Rental Equipment Agreement Form” to fill out and sign with a credit card (your cards I have on file do not get accessed after I enter them into my system.  I have always assumed it was an addition security feature) to ensure our equipment gets back to its home.  It’s pretty much to cover my butt and making sure everything lent out will be well take care of and returned when we are back at the gym, and incase anything is damaged or doesn’t make it back.  Everything will be cleaned before you get your equipment, but we will have one person come in at a time for this.  It’s like a drive thru gym equipment store lol.  I again ask for everyone to just take care of each item as much as we care for them here at the gym.  Make sure wallballs aren’t dropped on a rough surface, so using a yoga mat as a flooring would be perrrrrfect for the equipment.  Just stuff like that.  But, also USE IT!  Don’t let your fitness, and health, and even just metal sanity go under just because we can’t come to the gym.  That’s the point of lending all this out.  This is so weird for me.  As a kid, I use to like stuff so much when I even had bouncy balls or hacky sacs I like so much I would never use it because I was trying to save it and didn’t want anything to happen to it.  That was for many things lol. But you what?!  We’ll be back more motivated, excited, eager, and more hungry than ever when we get to throwdown again with all our friends!  Stay active!  Stay moving!  Stay positive!

20th Of March Year 2020


20 Push-Ups
20 Air Squats
20 Sit-Ups
20 Alternating Split Squat Jumps
***Weight vest if you got one… or 10 pounds of rice bags in a back pack!! BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

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