Contingency Plans and Transparency

When you are a family you celebrate each others birthdays, go to your sister’s softball games, travel and go on vacation together.  To be a great family it is going above and beyond that.  I shared a bit of my personal life and got a little vulnerable that led to being transparent with the 3:30 class.  I decided because of one of my core values being the ABC we’ve talked about here in the past (Always Be Communicating), I’d share that with the other classes we had… if I shared it with those individuals I should share it with all of you.  In this video I am covering what I think is best for this gym fam.  Bare with me as I struggle for words and ramble as I tend to do.  One thing I attempted to demonstrate this week within the content of our programming was to illustrate the effectiveness of programming with limited equipment.  Almost everything could have been executed with the intention and purpose of the workout at most typical hotels.  Little doesn’t always mean lesser, and simple many times is elegant.  Some of my favorite memories are simple conversations.  I had one with Jerod before that I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life.  This week hopefully didn’t seem like any other week up till this point.  One more thing before I end this…. I’m sorry Alan that you won’t get to live in your glory moment here at the gym being Legend Of The Month!  We talked about how after all this is behind us Alan will always be the LOTM that was during COVID-19 was so affecting our lives…. and the Elbow Bump was the alternate to handshake, as I always take the photo with our Legend Of The Month! lol!  That’ll be eternal.


Here is my number if you don’t have it already along with my email.  It’s best to text me unless you prefer to talk I will do my best to answer your calls.


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