The Spotlight Is Back!

I never wiped so much gym equipment!  Thankfully you all helped a lot by cleaning your equipment after using it.  Roxanne even wiped all the PVC pipes for us as well as the collars for the barbells.  I didn’t think to get those.  We tend to forget the less thought of pieces that still are part of the team and essential to our arsenal and everyday use!  Thank you!

Look out for an important post tomorrow folks.  I wanted this one to have a specific focus without distraction.

Now…. I’ve been absent in nominating our LEGEND Of The Month.  It’s back though people!  This month is to honor an individual that you all know… the silent assassin.  Alan Moya.  Alan is extraordinary.  This young man came from a huuuuge CrossFit gym in El Paso when he moved to Las Cruces to go to school… Go AGGIES!  He embraced our humbling 4 walls and has always been a CFLOTW Legend at heart.  Alan injured his shoulder some time ago.  It was bad.  I felt for the guy.  I had been there with my own injuries, but Alan was still present.  He showed up and did what he could.  That’s an understatement.  It’s difficult to be surrounded by others doing all the things you love, and you being limited not by choice.  That feeling is terrible… and it isn’t terrible for a day.  This was Alan’s world for months!  He came in, modified almost everything, put his head down, and grinded!  He still has to self rehab his should and be smart about not cranking on it.  That’s another biggie.  At his age, at any age, it’s so difficult to step back, assess, and walk to road less travelled.  Alan did much of his rehab on his own and continues to do so.  His maturity evenly matches his acceptance to how smart he is.. meaning, he swallows that darn pill and that doesn’t go down easy because it’s doing the difficult day after day, but knowing it’ll pay off.  Alan still put the grind, and effort, and got something out of each training day to stay fit and healthy being as limited as he was.  Impressive dude.  This all being said I haven’t even mentioned how great he is at CF.  He is phenomenal!  Watch him move and it’s fluid and elegant, it’s powerful but controlled.  He has amazing technique, he is mobile and was made to squat, and has an approachable spirit to be coachable.  Alan also is a good person.  Sincere to the bone.  Thank you for being part of our community buddy!  Keep up the great work!


18th Of March Year 2020 

4 Sets Of:
2 Min GOAT Training
30 Sec L-Hold
7 Strict Pull-Ups/ Weighted Pull-Ups

I saw Kristi Eramo O’Connell do this from a workout she took from Dan Bailey and she Modified it. I modified it a touch as well. She did every 90 sec but did 10 Burpees… we cut the time and go every minute on the minute, but also cut the reps on the burpees… cause burpees are Ewwww! Ha jk

For Time:
100 Back Squats
**Every 60 Sec Pull-Ups
If you have:
1-5 Pull-Ups; 4 Pull-Ups
6-10 Pull-Ups; 6 Pull-Ups
11-20 Pull-Ups; 7 Pull-Ups
20+ Pull-Ups; 10 Pull-Ups

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