Being and Sustaining Presence

For our early birds, this is for you.  This week, and next week, we will have our 6am Tuesday class back on normal schedule!

Tomorrow is a practical approach to sustained strength through minimal and controlled rest.  EMOM’s are awesome.  I love them, and could write a book of and about them!  To put simply we are going to set up and build to our percentages and stay within the range throughout the designated time domain.  30 Reps!  That’s it… give yourself the freedom to start at the bottom range for the beginning minutes of this EMOM and then, when and if possible, increase to the upper range of our percentages prescribed.  Have a plan and be prepared when you want to make that jump… half way.. early… or finishing strong with some last moment iron add-ons!  This is our heavy for tomorrow.  The AMRAP is contrasted with our strength EMOM by being on the light side.  Prep yourself to hit each set of movements hard, and setting up to an appropriate weight is essential to obtaining the intentional stimulus.  By no means should it be the weight that slows you down… but the intensity and your high pace efforts should be what is the challenged elements to this piece.  We should be wanting to let off the gas pedal about half way… don’t let off!  We will be breathing hard on this one and that’s a good thing.  Focus on breathing through the movements and during those immediate transitions, and that our attention is on the task at hand.  This is a Monday workout… and at the 3..2..1 we should be thinking about nothing else other than what is in front of us.  Being present… and being a presence.  Be mindful of where you are and for what?  Give every bit of yourself to what we do to better give in those moments.  If your spouse is to come to you to have a serious conversation, but your mind is still at the office, that isn’t going to go well in the short term or long game.  Same with a boss, is that promotion going to just lay in our laps?  The workouts don’t do themselves.  And like most things in life, success generally leads to hard work, and what we put into our craft and labor we tend to get the same out of it.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

“If I get the coronavirus I hope I get lime disease, because you can’t have a Corona without dat lime!”

10th Of February 2020 

3 Back Squats @75-80%1RM

15 Front Squats @75/55
10 Toes To Bar
15 Push Press @75/55
10 Toes To bar

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