Time For A Fun One!

We live in a world where couplets and triplets dominate an optimal fitness response to gain the best results…. But increasing workout capacity is grounded by variance, and it is across a vastness of broad time and arguably an infinite of modal domains. Tomorrow our programming consists of a chipper… a fun chipper! One that embodies the essence of CrossFit and it’s most fundamental concepts… moving large loads, over large distances…. quickly. A combination of moving your body weight through space, as what we define as gymnastics, moving and controlling external objects, and done monostructurally. Calisthenics, weight training, and cardio… the trifecta of training to be in a ready state, or in our world “Being ready for life’s unknowns and unknowable’s.” Being generally physically prepared (GPP) attracts the disciplined, the hard workers, and the genuinely good hearted, I believe. I spend much time thinking of our members… you specifically, and I often come to believe that CrossFit is gravitated toward the good hearted. I’ve had the privilege of training, but more importantly, knowing and befriending, over a thousand athletes and most are incredibly good hearted. I hesitate to say nice because nice is just… “nice.” When you hear, “He’s a nice guy,” versus, “He’s a GOOD guy,” the result subconsciously categorizes that nice is boring, but Good means so much more.  Some of the best people in Las Cruces are in this gym, some of the best people period.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and starts their week knowing that seeds not only grow in the right season… but it is crucial that they are also planted in the right environment.   CFLOTW is a GOOD environment.

Back Squat – 5×4 @80%

400m Run
5 Rope Climbs
10 Clusters @135/95
5 Rounds Of Cindy
10 Clusters @135/95
5 Rope Climbs
400m Run

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