New Toys

I’d like to thank Samson Equipment Inc. for their great service in getting our new toys! It’s pretty cool to have a manufacturer of training equipment a stone throw away.  #supportlocal These foam plyoboxes are like the two Titan multi height ones we have but waaaaaay better!  These have a much wider base to increase the surface area that makes contact with the box and the floor making it a ton more sturdier… unlike the Titan ones that is a little sketch when using any of the heights other than the 20″ side.   I’m proud, lucky, and fortunate to add these to our arsenal!  Use these if you are trying out a new height for your box jumps.  Add them in any combination to make your desired height by folding over the Velcro strip to the box beneath it!  I’m sounding like a salesman now.  Time to run with it.  Tomorrow is the last day Samson is having their courtyard yardsale blowout if you are interested in new, or used, equipment.  I’m always taking donations 😉


Overhead Squats – Not a max day… unless you are feeling friskay!
5×2 with a 5 second pause at the bottom of the FIRST rep!

4 Rounds of:
12 Thrusters @105/70
12 Cal Row
3 Wallcrawls

Rest 5 Mins and then…..

4 Rounds Of:
12 Sumodeadlift High Pulls @105/70
40 Double Unders
6 High Box Jumps

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