Do The Common Uncommonly Well

Mobility often tends to be a subject often spoken about but less addressed.  I spoke with a new member today, and I couldn’t get this thought out of my head.  For the first year and a half of my CrossFit career I didn’t do Overhead Squats because I didn’t have the capacity to this flexibility dominate movements, and because of the lack there of, they were avoided.  Past the age of 90 y.o., all of our health markers:  resting heart rate, blood pressure, etc etc, are no longer strong and reliable correlates.  In my limited way of understanding they’re not even good correlates anymore, because of the debated and confusing data to support anything else.  What is used, and the number one health marker that is most reliable to identify health in individuals 90+ is…. flexibility.  My theory is, in our current culture, as we age we become less and less capable of self sustained living.  We gradually lose the ability to be functional.  2000 years ago, the average age a man would live to be was roughly 37… That has changed.  We’re at the least a little better in this category.   I got the flu this Christmas and had a very profound moment where, for the first time in my life, I felt I wasn’t invincible.  That was scary.   One does not go to a nursing home because they are sick… they go to the hospital for that.  They go to the nursing home because they can no longer be self reliable to manage daily tasks.  With no insurance if something were to happen I wouldn’t go to the hospital… what would I do in that situation… I honestly do not know.  For myself, I believe I am at least asking the right questions… or at least in a better direction.

Snatches are elegant and highly complex movement patterns that demonstrate so many general physical characteristics of fitness, and done well, they are beautiful to watch.  We have this false understanding that leads us to believe that we are predisposed to certain “health risks.”  You can literally rewrite your DNA, and at a cellular level, effect more than just aesthetic change (but that’s always nice too).  You eat too much simple CHO (Carbohydrates)/sugars for a great enough period, you get type 2 diabetes.  80% of chronic illness could have, and should have, been avoided.  Much of our families are riddled with life consuming illnesses that are just thieves of hearts, and souls, and memories.  We know how to war against the evils that come in the night, but what happens when it comes in disguise during the day and only takes enough from you that tests for an open door policy with easy territory?

Press 4×1
Push Press 3×3
Split Jerk 2×5

For Time As One Continuous Effort Of:
2 Rounds of:
15 Deadlifts @135/95
15 Bar-Facing Burpees

3 Round of:
10 Deadlifts @225/155
10 Burpee Box Jumps

4 Rounds of:
5 Deadlifts @315/205
5 Muscle Ups

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